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  • Stickney RobertR. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1990-01-01)
    Aquaculture, or underwater agriculture, is an art that has been practiced for some 4000 years. Largely within the past three decades, it has developed into a science. Aquacultured plants, molluscs, crustaceans, and fishes ...
  • Göktürk A.; Karaali A. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-11-01)
    Agriculture has always had a major role in the Turkish economy; nevertheless the country has been continuously expanding industrialization, constantly diminishing the relative share of agriculture in the Turkish GDP in the ...
  • Laakso Päivi (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-05-01)
    Edible fats and oils are mainly composed of triacylglycerols synthesized by plants and animals. Natural triacylglycerols are predominantly such complex mixtures that it is impossible to separate all molecules by a single ...
  • Coulibaly Kelegoun; Jeon IkeJ. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-02-01)
    Solid‐phase extraction (SPE) is a rapid and sensitive sample preparation technique whose use has increased considerably within the last decade. This emerging technology has successfully replaced many tedious conventional ...
  • Hersom A. C. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1985-01-01)
    A prerequisite for the aseptic packaging of food is the UHT or HTST process used for sterilizing the food. These processes are defined. The history, microbiology, and engineering principles of aseptic processing and packaging ...
  • Kim WangJune (Taylor & Francis Group, 1993-05-01)
    Numerous strains of lactic acid bacteria used in the fermentation of foods are known to produce bacteriocins. In general, bacteriocins are a group of proteinaceous antimicrobial substances that inhibit the growth of closely ...
  • Mizuno Takashi (Taylor & Francis Group, 1995-02-01)
    Out of the several thousand species of mushrooms (Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes) on earth, 1500 species are found in Japan. Many of these species are valuable as gene pool sources which can be utilized by biotechnology ...
  • Belitz Hans‐Dieter; Wieser Herbert (Taylor & Francis Group, 1985-01-01)
  • Vogl ThomasP. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-05-01)
    Genetic Nutrition: Designing a Diet Based on Your Family Medical History. Artemis P. Simopoulos, Victor Herbert, and Beverly Jacobson. Macmillan, New York, 1993, 335 pages, $22.00, ISBN 0–02–611295–7.
  • Maga JosephA.; Chandarana DilipI. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-05-01)
    Encapsulation and Controlled Release of Food Ingredients. Sara J. Rish and Gary Reineccius (eds.). ACS Symposium Series No. 590. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1995, 244 pages, $64.95. Food Process Design and ...
  • Simopoulos ArtemisP.; Teranishi Roy; Erickson RobertE. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1995-05-01)
    Nutritional Toxicology. F. N. Kotsonis, M. Mackey, and J. J. Hjelle (eds.). Raven Press, New York, 1994, 331 pages, $135, ISBN 0–7817–0121‐X. Bioprocess Production of Flavor, Fragrance, and Color Ingredients. Alan Gableman ...