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Автор Williamson George C.
Дата выпуска 1889-12-01
ISSN 0080-4401
ISSN 1474-0648
Анннотация There are few branches of knowledge that have within the past few years so varied in their character as that of Numismatics. At one time merely the amusement and pursuit of the leisured wealthy or the study of the very learned, it has within the present generation become a study of importance, interest, and value to those who have but comparatively little leisure and recreation, to those engaged in other branches of study, and a source of historical knowledge hitherto little suspected. To this work the existence of the Numismatic Society of London has given no small aid, and in fact has been largely instrumental in both encouraging and carrying on the study of coins and the research for their historical evidence amongst those who are beginning to understand the high value of such research.
Издатель Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK
Копирайт Copyright © Royal Historical Society 1889
Название Historical Evidence and Information Gathered from the Traders' Tokens of the Seventeenth Century and from the Minor Currency
Владелец авторских прав Royal Historical Society
DOI 10.2307/3678166
Журнал Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
Том 4

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